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 Are your toys machine washable?

These toys are spot-wash/ hand wash and air dry. If you have any specific questions about washing your toy please email us directly at so we can help you out! 

How do I wash my Elly Lu toy?

Use a damp washcloth with a mild detergent and wipe down the entire surface area or select spots. Then let it air dry. 

Where are your toys made? 

Our stuffed toys are made in Sri Lanka in factories that have BSCI class “A”, SEDEX, FCCA, GOTS & OCS 100 certifications

Do you ship worldwide? 

As of right now we only ship to the USA and Canada. We are working on finding worldwide shipping solutions.

Will I have to pay customs and taxes on my order to Canada?

All International customers pricing is in USD and may be subject to customs and taxes on their order. Each country has different regulations regarding this and we are not responsible for this cost. Please inquire with your local customs office for more information.

Where do my toys ship from?

We ship from the very magical California where all of your shipping dreams come true! (I know our order confirmation email states that we ship via the "Rainbow Express" but unfortunately that just isn't true...yet.) The location of California makes shipping across the US very fast and easy. 

Have your products been safety tested?

Yes, all of our toys meet ASTM and EN-71 safety standards and have been tested for ages 0+. Additionally, our toys are OCS certified.

What age range are your toys suitable for?

All of our toys have been safety tested and approved for ages 0+ 
Don't forget to supervise infants and young children when playing with any toy! Some adults may need some supervision as well. Norman the Narwhal has been known to double as a sword when put into the hands of adult men. 

My stuffed toy looks slightly different than I expected. Why is this?

It would not be the first time a picture on the internet fooled someone...(kidding!) If you received the wrong toy or you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason please contact us directly so we can help you out!

Do you still donate to different organizations?

We donate a portion of profits yearly to different organizations. To find out more visit the "Where We Give" page.

What are the toys stuffed with?

All of our toys are made with organic cotton outer fabric. We currently have 3 stuffing options. The majority of our toys are filled with natural corn fiber. The only exceptions are listed below: (Please note we are phasing out of these stuffing options):

Makana the Monk Seal  is stuffed with organic cotton and organic buckwheat hulls. 

The large size options of Tug the Tiger, Rainbow the Unicorn, Edmund the Elephant, and Gemma the Giraffe are filled with polyfil made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Where are you headquartered? 

We spend our time between Hawaii and Alaska. Our items ship from our shipping center in California. We're all over the place but hey, it's 2019!

Please contact us at any time at: