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Makana the Hawaiian Monk Seal- Organic Plush Animal

Elly Lu

Meet Makana! Makana means "gift" in Hawaiian. This cute and cuddly monk seal is made of organically grown cotton fabrics. Outer fabric is dyed with non-toxic dyes. She is filled with organic buckwheat hulls and organic cotton.  She is available in two sizes: "Standard" 15 inches or "Mini" 8 inches.

Hawaiian monk seal facts: Monk seals enjoy swimming around Hawaii's beautiful reefs looking for fish, octopus, lobsters, crabs, and eels to snack on. Mother Hawaiian monk seals are dedicated to their pups when they are born and remain with them constantly for the first five or six weeks of their lives. They don't eat during this time and some mama monk seals lose hundreds of pounds!

Currently, they are considered critically endangered with only an estimated 1,100-1,300 alive today.


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